10 reasons to choose Kolymvari for your summer vacations

1 June, 2019

1. It features wonderful, award-winning beaches, with crystal clear blue and cool waters that offer moments of relaxation and serenity.
2. For the famous Cretan diet. Here you will realize why Cretan cuisine has conquered the world. In traditional taverns and restaurants, the visitor can taste delicious traditional recipes and dishes.

3. For the unique natural environment, with lush olive groves and wild vegetation. Kolymvari’ hinterland is ideal for natural walks, mountaineering excursions and other similar activities.
4. For its historical sights. Through the centuries-old history from the Minoan times until today, the visitor can tour world-famous archaeological monuments, such as the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Rotunda (the famous temple of Archangel Michael, an excellent sample of Byzantine architecture) or the world renowned ancient Vouvon Olive Tree – ages 3,000 – 4,000 years old, et al.

5. For a wide range of accommodation, dining and entertainment facilities, which they offer comfort and every kind of services to their clients.
6. It is located close to important sights of the prefecture of Chania, such as the famous beach of Falasarna Kissamos, Balos, et al.
7. It is only 15’ away from the city of Chania, with an intersection with the airport and port.

8. For the variety of cultural activities – concerts, traditional events and festivals – through which the visitor can get in touch with the unique Cretan hospitality and tradition.
9. It has facilities for sports such as cycling, water sports, horseback riding, etc.
10. Despite the tourist development that has taken place in recent years, it still preserves the tranquility and picturesque beauty of a coastal Cretan village.