1 August, 2018
Apart from the beaches and the beautiful landscapes, the delicious cuisine and the warm hospitality of its habitants, Crete is also a popular place for adventure enthusiasts.  The Cretan nature, the geographic features of the island and its climate, create an amazing scenery that promises to offer unforgettable experiences.One of the most widespread activities in Crete is hiking. There are dozens of paths and trails that attract nature lovers, with one of the most significant mapped trails being the trail E4. The trail E4 consists of a wide network of trails and is also marked by the European Ramblers Association. The trail crosses the whole Crete to Zakros, providing a variety of impressive natural landscapes.For those who love extreme sports, off road excursions are a particularly popular activity.  The morphology of the island with its rugged terrain and the endless slopes with the mesmerizing view, create the ideal setting.  The off road excursions with four-wheel vehicles or motorbikes increase the levels of adrenaline, offering unique thrills.From the list of outdoor activities in Crete, canyon climbing couldn’t be excluded. The island is famous for its rocky relief, with dozens of remarkable canyons. With the use of special equipment and the help of experienced trainers, canyon climbing is one of the most powerful experiences that someone can witness in the island.Apart from the above intense activities, Crete offers a variety of choices. More specifically, for those who enjoy something milder but at the same time they don’t want to lose their contact with the Cretan nature, bird watching is an interesting alternative. Every year during spring and autumn, the island hosts a large number of migratory birds. The observatories located on specific spots of the island, allow the study and observation of the birds in their seasonal wetlands.