Wine – Harvest

1 September, 2019

September or otherwise “vine-harvester”. The first month of autumn and the month of vine-harvest.
There are thousands references from the Minoan times to the cultivation of vineyards for wine making. Minoan varieties are still grown today, in the same fields and sometimes with the same methods.
Eraly morning, friends and relatives collect and carry the grapes. When the grape-harvest ends, the grapes are pressed either with the feet inside traditional winepresses or with machines and the grape juice is extracted.
When the pressing ends, the grape juice is placed in barrels or remains in the winepresses for some hours to obtain colour and tannins.
Then it’s time party time. Everybody sits around the rich table with the best wines of the house and gives wishes to the landlord. The fatigue of the day is transformed into song and dance……. Geia mas….!!!!!. (cheers…!!!!)