1 January, 2020

Our region is an ideal place to visit and for winter season. Its mild climate and its unique mountainous features attract visitors before and after the established touristy summer season.


Swimming is quite bearable throughout winter season for winter swimmers,as the temperature does not easily fall below 14 °C. A walk on the beach for playing rackets or sunbathe, on sunny winter days, is a way to rejuvenate yourself. Even the sea is calmer in winter than the north winds blowing in summer, allowing fishing or snorkeling activities.



Water Sports

Lovers of surfing and kite serf can find some very good spots to practice their beloved sport. Especially in winter the waves in Falassarna go up to 3m, and the common windless conditions are ideal for surfing.



For  “White Mountains”

In the beautiful “White Mountains” the lovers of winter sports can make alpine ski, snow climbing and mountain trips. In the mountainous village of White Mountains, as in Omalos, there are traditional guesthouses and restaurants offering moments of relaxation and gastronomic enjoyment.



For Christmas Holidays

Our region is ideal for Christmas Holidays, offering warm hospitality according the spirit of those days. The visitor will see dozens customs of our region and will experience in Cave of Saint John in Marathokefala the representation of Nativity scene with real animals….



Exploring  the region

The winter is the perfect opportunity to discover the unique landscapes of the hinterland either by car, bike or on foot. At the end of your tour, you can enjoy genuine Cretan cuisine at some the traditional taverns, next to a fireplace, drinking premium quality local wines.