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“Avra apartments” are located at the picturesque Kolymbari Harbor. We are very proud of this project – this building’s restoration was a particularly demanding project due to its age (Turkish period) and the fact that it is a heritage building, and therefore demanded experience and technical expertise.

The project’s implementation was a result of very specific architectural, static and engineering studies as well as specialized construction techniques.

The result is a building that retains its authentic character, maintaining some features that take you back in time, while offering high-end amenities and modern features.

The stone arches, the marble bathrooms, the combination of discrete luxury and tradition, the magnificent views are some of the elements that make these apartments the area’s gem.

Our client’s restimonial

“Through our recent cooperation with Minoan Homes on our new Avra ​​Apartments project at the port of Kolymbari, we soon realized that our partners shared the same interest with us in this special and demanding project. By providing in-depth technical studies and specialized construction techniques, Minoan Homes managed to complete the difficult task of restoring the building that now houses Avra ​​Apartments with respect to the preservable character of the building, transforming it into a building of modern aesthetic enhanced with elements of traditional architecture. Additionally, all apartments’ interior spaces feature comfort, meeting all necessary functional requirements while the overall result is exactly what we expected. Put simply, at Minoan Homes you will find (high) Quality – (impeccable) Service and Consistency, a very important element for the success of any project.”

Avra Apartments


Marble bathrooms

Stone arches

Uniquely restored property

Location : Kolymbari

Located on the north-western side of the island of Crete in Greece, Kolymbari is a beautiful waterfront town of approximately 1000 inhabitants. The area is a mixture of green hillsides with olive trees and vineyards, a long pebble beach, numerous small hidden coves, traditional villages, monasteries, churches and sights of historical interest. It offers the chance of seclusion, relaxation and easy access to all amenities. The numerous fish taverns and cafes along the coast give you the chance to enjoy fresh fish, local delicacies, drink tsikoudia with the locals and daydream watching the sea.  For those who love boat trips, the local marina can host small to medium sized vessels.