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Architectural Design

Control of energy consumption, sustainability of the construction, protection of the environment and a healthy living: all these goals are achieved thanks to our bioclimatic design and our compliance with the latest
Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations.

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Architectural design:

Particular emphasis is given to architectural planning and construction studies in accordance with the new building regulations.

Emphasis is also given to the bioclimatic design of indoor and outdoor spaces based on their best performance in relation to the microclimate of the area.

That happens in order to create the right conditions of heat and cooling in an absolutely natural way, ensuring energy savings of up to 30% compared to a conventional building and an 80% compared to an old building.

This way, we ensure that our buildings are classified in the highest scales of the Energy Efficiency Classification system.

These percentages include annual energy costs and reduced costs for electrical installations, and we must not forget the environmental benefit.

At the same time, the design of our compliance with the latest Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations. In this way we secure the classification of our houses in the higher categories of Energy Classification.

This way we achieve:

  • Reduced energy consumption for heating, cooling and hot water, about 60% compared to conventional constructions.
  • High thermal insulation, absence of thermal bridges and great air-tightness to protect the energy houses from moisture and temperature changes and give the construction an unlimited lifetime
  • Constant temperature and great thermal comfort that ensure a healthy and comfortable living.
  • Soundproofing
  • Environmental benefit

Earthquake Resistant Structures

Following the Anti Earthquake Regulation of Greece, our company performs every necessary ground check and uses only certified equipment and construction materials during concreting.

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Load Bearing structure

The construction of the load-bearing structure complies with the strictest standards of the Greek anti-earthquake regulation and ensures the highest levels of protection from earthquakes.

A thorough investigation and assessment of the ground conditions is performed in order to choose the most appropriate foundation type.

Particular attention is paid to the perpendicularity and precise alignment of the formwork, as well as the proper overlapping of the reinforcement.

Before starting the concreting works, the formwork and the steel reinforcements are inspected. During the concreting process, concrete quality samples are collected, which are tested in order to determine the concrete’s strength. Our company uses the highest quality concrete grade (for private residences) and high quality certified steel.

Energy Efficient Construction

Our expert technicians use certified materials to energy proof our constructions. This way we offer you high levels of thermal and roof insulation.

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Energy-efficient building

Energy proofing of the buildings is achieved by the complete thermal insulation of the building shell, using certified materials by leading companies on the market and the application by specialized technical crews.


Thermal insulation of load-bearing body with heat-insulating material
Placing thermal insulation boards on the exterior surfaces of a building (Thermoprosopsis system).
Insulation of flat roofs or tiled roofs by applying certified waterproofing and heat proofing materials, ensuring waterproof and thermal insulation of the concrete surfaces.
Waterproofing of the foundations and the basements.
Installation of window frames. By installing aluminium thermal break window frames or pvc along with the energy efficient glazing, we achieve excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Engineering Equipment and Automations

We provide you with high technology + energy saving equipment that maximizes your convenience and quality of life in the most eco-friendly way.

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Engineering equipment

Particular emphasis is given to the engineering study and the building equipment. The heating/cooling systems with a heat pump that we choose are characterized by high efficiency and high energy savings of more than 60% compared to conventional heating systems.

Energy efficient fireplace heaters of fireplaces connected to radiators enhance energy savings.

The use of solar panels as an alternative form of energy ensures the heating of the water for domestic use or even for space heating, at zero energy cost and with environmental benefit.

Electrical – Hydraulic and Mechanical Automations

We conduct electromechanical studies and suggest home automations that make life easier, ensure better ergonomics, safety and energy savings.

For example:

  • indoor-outdoor lighting infrastructure using LED lamps
  • use of external security lightning with photocell sensors automatic lightning control for outdoor spaces for maximum energy savings.
  • general home voltage stabilizers

Home Security systems

We ensure your safety using alarm and monitoring systems of the latest technology.

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Alarm systems – security cameras

Advanced alarm systems and CCTV, that can be connected to the internet and can be accessed and managed online.

Materials and technical crews

Minoan Homes employs the most qualified technical crews and our materials are certified by internationally recognized companies.

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Materials, technical crews

Our company uses certified materials supplied by internationally recognized companies, which are selected through demanding tests + trials. Engineers and technicians are regularly trained by the materials manufacturing companies, through series of seminars and presentations.

Our specialized technical crews have certified diplomas, experience and technical training by the materials manufacturing companies on the proper use and application of their materials.

Client support and communication

We deal with the necessary bureaucratic procedures during the construction and until the delivery. Throughout the process, our clients are fully informed about every step of the construction by progress reports and photos sent by email.

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Customer support and communication

From the beginning until the completion of the construction project, our company deals with the necessary bureaucratic procedures of all the entities and services involved from the issuance of the building permit until the completion and delivery of the construction.

We are in regular contact with our clients and we send them weekly progress reports and photos, in order for them to be able to closely monitor the project’s progress.

A detailed schedule is determined at the beginning, which enables us to inform our clients in advance of any issues, in order to avoid any delays during the construction process.


We provide all our clients with a construction warranty, along with the warranty from the suppliers about the equipment of some material categories. Furthermore, Minoan Homes will be there for you even when the warranty expires.

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We provide all our clients with a construction warranty, along with the warranty from the suppliers about the equipment of some material categories.

Furthermore, Minoan Homes will be there for you even when the warranty expires.