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Kolimpari is the kind of place you seek when you’re having a bad, noisy day.

It’s peaceful, it’s original and it’s close to Chania!

Even the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta chose Kolimpari as a safe place for reproduction, and made the right choice!

This quiet village in north-west Crete is surrounded by gorgeous locations and historical landmarks, such as the Orthodox Academy of Crete, in Rodopos peninsula.

However, the breathtaking sight-seeing goes hand in hand with the great seafood and the friendly people!


Let’s start with the statistics: Chania is one of the most popular destinations of southern Europe, both to visit and to purchase a property.

We don’t really need to sell you on the beauty of Chania because it’s already famous for the golden beaches, the magnificent landscapes and the unbelievable natural beauty!


What you might don’t know is that Chania has also a pretty rich historical past, starting from the Neolithic era up to modern history.

The role of Chania throughout modern history indicates the significance of the city and the fact that Chania is indeed a part of Europe’s cultural heritage.

Today, we are able to sense that colourful history through the very different but equally remarkable monuments, the architectural techniques and the traditional identity of Chania.

In this context, living in Chania could never get boring!

Giali Tzamisi

The Byzantine Wall of Chania

Again, sight-seeing is amazing, but what really stole the heart of all those people who chose to spend the rest of their lives in Chania, is the fact that this city has the whole package: an excellent climate, a beautiful town, a healthy Mediterranean diet, and a friendly environment that warms up your heart!


You’ve probably heard that Crete is a magic place.

You heard right!

Crete is one of the most interesting and beautiful islands of Europe.

The myth starts from the 3500 BC and remains are still found on the island.

From ancient mythology to the geopolitical agenda, Crete stars in a variety of fields and belongs in Europe’s cultural treasures list.

The Meditteranean Diet

The Minoan Civilization


Once you visit, you realise that Crete is actually a mother figure!

The fertile ground produces fruits and vegetables of incomparable quality, giving you the chance to follow the doctor-recommended, Mediterranean diet you were always craving for!

And in the evenings, when you feel a little restless, you have the chance to get to know the Cretan people and open up over a couple glasses of raki, the famous local drink!

If you need a break from the urban insanity, if you wish to synchronise your heartbeats with the sea waves, this is the place to invest in and trust it with your life! It’ll do a great job upgrading it!